Much too much


“There has been much too much genuflecting at Hume’s altar.”

–John Earman


3 Responses to “Much too much”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Hasn’t there been much too much genuflecting on God’s altar? At least Hume existed.;)

  2. MG Says:

    hahah, very witty, very witty… spoken like a true disciple of Hume.

  3. MissingNo. Says:

    I have recently come to realize that I have a huge appreciation for Hume, and in my opinion I think he was the most important philosopher prior to the Analytic/Continental schism. Even if you don’t agree with his opinions (I for one do not agree on all of his opinions of miracles) it seems like Hume still is quite worthy of admiration for conceiving his original ideas of empiricism, ethics, and miracles. A philosopher can be brilliant and important even if you believe that his conclusions are wrong(as I know you know), and so it seems like, if Christian philosophers do any genuflecting at all, that they could at least visit Hume’s Shrine as they are traveling to Plato’s. Just a suggestion anyway, I am technically not a disciple of Hume; instead, me and Hume are, among many others, the disciples of Logic.

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