Prayer for the dead?


Zach has given a biblical argument for prayer to the dead. It can be read here.

4 Responses to “Prayer for the dead?”

  1. Zakk Says:

    Zakk has given a biblical argument for prayer for the dead, of which you think… ?

  2. MG Says:

    It seems good; I will have to look into some Protestant commentaries and such.Some additional ones have come to my attention; I’ll have to look into those too.In the mean time, make sure to accept the invitation to be on our blog 🙂

  3. sowingseedsoforthodoxy Says:

    Sorry to see that the author has deleted this blog. You need to up date. Herman Art

  4. ZSDP Says:

    Thanks for your interest. This post was made almost two years ago, though, which is why we haven’t been keeping the link up to date. I’m not sure whether I ever made a back-up of that post—if I did, I will try to repost it here. It isn’t likely that I did, however, since I deleted that blog in a moment of disgust with theology blogging.

    As for more general updates to Well of Questions, there is a forthcoming series of posts from MG, Krause, and a new author (Georgios) on the problems of contemporary Evangelicalism in America. So stay tuned!

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