Aquinas on the one and the many


“Those things that have opposing concepts are themselves opposed.  But the very concept of one consists in undividedness, while the concpet of multiplicity includes division.  Therefore one is opposed to many.”

–Summa Theologica, Question 11, Article 2. (Reply)


2 Responses to “Aquinas on the one and the many”

  1. Jay Dyer Says:

    Interesting. Distinction in the Trinity must also mean division and opposition, so the Persons, nature and will and acts must all be collapsed into the “one.”

  2. Krause Says:

    Yup. That’s exactly right. You can see that happening in the other quote I have up of Aquinas right now. He utterly conflates person, relation, attribute, and essence into the utterly simple and perfect one. Plotinus (Eunomios) anyone?

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