Keeping the House Clean


(This was originally posted by former contributor Zakk, and may be taken down at his request; the comment policy, though, does remain)

Dear Readers,

I wish it were not needful that I draw your attention to the recently implemented comment policy, but a recent string of provocative comments seems to make this necessary. Please, have a quick look at the comment policy. If you feel that your comment will be at odds with our policy, save us the trouble of reading and deleting it.

To the few of our readers who were targeted by these comments, I apologize on behalf of the Well of Questions. We do our best to cut this kind of thing off at the nub, but we are, of course, still only human. Please, bear with us as we work to implement our new comment policy and make this a good place for all people to converse.



4 Responses to “Keeping the House Clean”

  1. Ø Says:

    Really, it’s absurd that I should have to post this.

  2. Tap Says:

    Hey, i thought you guys might find this post by Bekkos interesting (sorry if its old news)

    Don’t forget to look at the comments

  3. MG Says:


    I read the whole thing, and didn’t find anything in there that was surprising or particularly interesting. Was there something you were thinking of, that you would like to draw our attention to?

  4. photios Says:

    I’ll let my readers decide but it was pretty evident that when I brought up the issue of hyperousios ousia, Peter Gilbert could no longer control himself and had a melt down. I quoted texts from the scholia that the realm of be-ing is what crosses the adiastemic boundary between God and Creation, God’s energeiai, and it is THIS that we have knowledge of and hymn. Peter doesn’t like that. It cuts against his program of ecumenism and that we can have a science between God and creation.

    The texts he quotes from Dionysios about Wisdom, Life, and other such operations not being something else is that 1) they are of the same source, and 2) that they are not of inequality but rather that they have the same status as divinity. Read the context of the quote, Dionysios is quite clear.

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