We here at the Well of Questions are interested in having meaningful and lively conversations with and between our commenters, so, in order to foster the best possible environment for such discussions, we ask that our commenters observe the following ground rules when responding. All comments should be:

  1. Relevant — It’s ok to make a joke here and there, or to sometimes insert a little bit of anecdotal information that is only tangentially related to the post, but the bulk of the conversation should be about the post and the issues surrounding and undergirding it. Wandering off into side conversations that are off-topic, of a personal nature, or exclusive of other commenters tends to detract from the overall discussion, so we ask that they be carried out in more appropriate venues (i.e. Facebook, email).
  2. Civil — Getting hot around the collar makes things very uncomfortable for everyone, not to mention that it tempts us to act badly. If we all work together to be friendly in our discourse, it is likely that we will get a lot more out of our interactions.

A third thing we ask of our commenters—especially those who do not post using a WordPress account—is that a valid email address is provided in the comment form. If it is not, we will be forced to automatically delete any comments that we feel violate our commenting policy, and we would much prefer to communicate directly with commenters before taking such a drastic approach. Though we will make every effort to resolve conflicts with commenters before doing so, we do absolutely reserve the right to remove or edit comments that we feel are out of line with our comment policy.

Thanks for visiting our blog, and we hope that you will join the discussion soon!


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